A Monarch Finds Her Home

Yumi Nature Tales

This is an original story about a snail that one day finds an egg. The snail waits for the egg to hatch. From the egg a caterpillar pops out and the two become best friends. When the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, the snail encourages her to leave the familiar field and explore new places. As the butterfly encounters different …

When the butterfly flew away

Yumi Nature Tales

  This is an original story about a butterfly that flew away to see the world. When the earth was still young, butterflies lived only in one small corner of a forest and all the butterflies’ wings were transparent. One day a snail spots a tiny egg. A caterpillar pops out of the egg and the two becomes best friends. …

The Wise Crow

Yumi Nature Tales, South African Tale

This is a South African folktale about a couple that longed for having children. When they feed the birds with the only seeds they had left, the crow grants their innermost wish. A tale that shows how humans and animals can live in harmony by respecting the law of nature.

A Very Special Friend

Yumi Brazilian Tale, Nature Tales

A real story about a retired man that rescues a penguin from an oil spill. The man takes the penguin back to the sea when the animal is fully recovered. But the penguin returns and the two develop an everlasting friendship.

The Legend of the Night

Yumi Brazilian Tale, Nature Tales

When the earth was still young, there was no night on earth. People lived always tired because they could not rest. The plants were faded because of too much sunshine. Will there be ever night on earth? This story tells how the night came to be. A story about the importance of following a promise.